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Discover our new Wallets Collection

We insist on using sustainable materials and localized processes to create vegan leather goods that are both stylish and eco-friendly, minimizing the impact on our environment.

  • What's Cool about Vegan Leather?

What's Cool about Vegan Leather?

What to know about "Vegan Leather"

Vegan Leather refers to animal-friendly leather, where neither the raw materials nor the production process involves any animal components or testing.

In other words, it's a material that mimics real leather, but is made from synthetic, natural  or sustainable materials, depending on the different resources. 


What makes Jun616xteen special? 


The vegan leather chosen by Jun616xteen is sourced and produced locally in Taiwan. We strictly control the materials we use and choose to collaborate with high-quality local  manufacturers, aiming to reduce the carbon emissions generated from the supply chain transportation.

We cherish the local resources and firmly believe in the quality and capabilities of products made in Taiwan.

Jun616xteen currently offers two types of vegan leather: Micro Skin and Puro.

Micro Skin

Skin-friendly & high-quality properites, coming in a rich array of colors

Micro Skin, so called  'microfiber synthetic leather', is a vegan leather coated with synthetic resin. Using a transfer coating process, it bonds a high-performance PU surface layer with an ultra-fine fiber base fabric.

It offers a high-quality texture and properties, closely resembling genuine leather, being skin-friendly, supple, and perfectly replicating  leather grain patterns. Additionally, it comes in a rich and vibrant array of colors, featuring surface properties such as dirt resistance, water repellency, and easy cleaning. Moreover, it can replace the uneven properties of real leather.


The raw materials and processes of Micro Skin undergo strict quality control and comply with the EU REACH certification. Even under high-temperature combustion, it does not produce dioxins, making it environmentally friendly, animal-friendly, and people-friendly.


Fluffy, soft texture & extreme lightness

Puro is produced through a coating process that conserves water and reduces energy consumption. During the manufacturing process, water is used as a substitute for DMF (dimethylformamide), eliminating the generation of wastewater containing DMF.

The resulting leather is free from DMF, making it non-toxic and odor-free. This approach further benefits people  and environmnet aligning with EU REACH certification.


The structure of Puro includes numerous interconnected pores, providing a soft and fluffy texture. This design facilitates the transfer of air and heat. Verified through laboratory jungle testing for water resistance, Puro has been proven to maintain its properties for at least five weeks.

  • Made With Care

Made With Care

Handmade Dust Bag

Each Jun616xteen product comes with an exclusive dust bag.

We look for existing fabrics and drawstrings  instead of producing additional fabrics to reduce inventory and waste.

In terms of production, we cooperate with the family OEM because we believe that the warmth of handwork can be passed on to consumers.

Exquisite Flowing sand-like Hardware

The unique hardware design adopts the brand's distinctive 616 image as the identity, incorporating the concept of 'flowing sand,' symbolizing individual style gradually emerging through the refinement of time.

Less is More

We believe that reducing waste at the source and extending the lifespan of products are the first conscious steps towards caring for the environment and living sustainably.

Selected high-quality liner fabrics

We select high-quality Twill fabrics for the lining to make the best use of existing resources from local suppliers.

FSC certified plastic-free packaging

Our packaging box is made of FSC certified kraft paper without plastic coating and reprocessing. The high quality ribbon is also made with care by local manufacturers.